Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Aladdin Poster
Maleny Community Centre, 16th-18th December, 2011.

A wonderful time had by all. DVDs will be available, sometime... if you have not already signed up for one, please click here and request one.


The Royal Court

Street Orphans
Evil Wizard Abanazer
Evil Wizard Abanazer - or is it a banana?

The Empress, who is not impressed!

A wizard, a spirit and a slave...

Aladdin & Genie
Aladdin & the Genie

Spirit of the Ring & Mr Lee Wun Tun
Spirit of the Ring &
 Mr Lee Wun Tun

Emperor & his ex-Wives
The Emperor and his ex-wives
The Grand Vizier

Princess Peach Blossom
Princess Peach Blossom
Batty (or Catty or Scatty or Tatty???)
Batty, Scatty Tatty or Catty?

Widow Twanky
Widow Twanky

Tittibum & Tittipoo
Tittibum & Tittipoo

Prince Aladdin
Prince Aladdin
The Princess and her Beautiful Handmaidens