Cinderella: The Sequel

A Pantomime in Two ActsCinderella Poster

Words:    David Crewe
Music:    Paul Coppens
When:    17th - 19th December, 2010
Where:    Maleny Community Centre

This tells the story of what happened after the ball, in which we learn that just about everything we thought we knew is wrong, due to a minor hearing difficulty on the part of the Fairy Godmother, now noticeable by her absence, leaving her apprentice to clean up the mess. Cinderella is an unwilling participant, and the Prince is a wuss!


DirectorsDavid Crewe and Phil Hunt
Musical DirectorPaul Coppens
ChoreographyLisa Gregor, bdifferent Dance Academy

Cast (In order of appearance)

Herald Breanna Robertson
The King Eddie Weir
Baron Bulcock Allan Handsley
Prince William                                                       Vyv McKechnie
Prince Harry Julian Sheppard
Princes Charles  Jayden and Cody Sommerville  

Lauris Dwyer; Jessica Russell; Lauren Warlich; Christie Giquel;
Jacana Bright; Tilly Montgomery; Rashmi Kazony
The Queen Mother Audrey Raymond 
Lucretia Peter Thompson 
Aubretia Phil Simmons 
Wicked Witch of Witta Marianne Osborne 
Her sisters Pat Darwell; Brenda Touwens 
The Queen Catriona McKechnie 
Nursey Nursey Barry Harber 
Prince Charming Claire Watkins 
CinderellaKaren Lincoln 
Stage Manager Jane Stanley 
Krazy Katie Jools Dumbrell 
Fairy Stepbrother Willow 
Buttons Geoff Cole 
Maid Molly Sally Dix 
Captain of the Guard Jenny Keys 
Cyril Marko Cimesa 
Cecil Geoff Cole 
Guardian of the Crystal Wood Denise Hauville 
The Builder John Marsden 
Scary Mary the Makeover Fairy Mary Hilton 
Her Fairies Tui Cody; Opia Delmas; Jessica Illidge; Susannah Keane 
Soldiers of the palace guard Rosemary Jarvis, Denise Hauville, Jools Dumbrell 
Lords and ladies of the chorus Sylvia Harker, Moya Handsley, Rosemary Jarvis, Kate Kazony, Kemala Lister, Barbie Norman,
Betty Stokes, Marko Cimesa, John Marsden, Mike Norman
Backpacker chorus Sylvia Harker, Kate Kazony, Kamala Lister,  Marko Cimesa, Allan Handsley,  John Marsden 
Ugly sisters’ chorus Marko Cimesa, Allan Handsley, John Marsden 
The Cinderella Minstrels   Brachi Tilles; Reg Darwell; Dada Ratnadevananda 


Stage Manager Jonathan Waites 
Production Co-ordinator Helen Crewe 
Costumes Denise Hauville, Jools Dumbrell, Gwen Delacour 
Set design and  construction Marianne  Osborne, Ron Hilton, John 
Lighting Ron Hilton 
Sound Richard Ridge 
Make-up Helen Crewe 
Publicity Geoff Cole 
Programme and poster design Claire and Ross Watkins 
Front of House Anne Harber, Brenda Simmons, Deirdre Gibb, Jane Todd, Les Bennett, Pam Marsden

Krazy Katie
The Palace Guard
Fairy Stepbrother,
Captain of the Guards,
Queen Mother

The Queen
The Royal Family

Cinderella and the Prince
Baron Bulcock and Queen Mother