Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Sheriff's  Soldiers

Robin and the Merry Men
The Sheriff meets King Richard, at last!
What is Red Riding Hood doing here? 
Will the Merry Maids get their Merry Men?
Dame Droopydrawers and the delightful(?) twins..
Friar Tuck and his Sister..

Fanny & Maid Marion

Fanny Firkin & Baron Bald Knob
The Wolf
Teeny & Weeny

Will Scarlet
(no, not a misprint!)
Two Merry Maidens
Chorus & Wolf
Actually, I refuse to comment on this one!
Quiz: name the characters...
Author, Director, Producer... David!
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

Despite appearances, they are not actually flipping you off!
Wardrobe mistress and miracle worker - Gwen!
It's council, innit?
Paul! Stop messing with the electrics!
To change my name...


Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood

First night: Thursday 20th December  7pm
  Friday 21st  no show
  Saturday 22nd  2.30pm and 7pm
  Sunday  23rd  2.30pm 


Robin Hood Jools Dumbrell
Maid Marion Lisa Gregor
Baron Bald Knob Robert Walton
Sheriff Eddie Weir
Lieutenant Keith Doonan
Dame Droopydrawers Barry Harber
Teeny Deborah Yffer
Weeny Paul Richardson
Fanny Firkin Marianne Osborne
Dangerous Dan Clayton Storey
Slippery Sam Tony Bianco
Lord Grabitall Les Bennett
King Richard John Marsden
Red Riding Hood Chloe McNally
Will Scarlet Samuel Jack
Jill Varlet Jackie Westmoreland
Little John Reg Darwell
Friar Tuck Rob Hobson
Alan a’ Dale Peter Thompson
Mitch the Miller Phil Simmons
Little Joan Audrey Raymond
Sister Sharon Catriona McKechnie
Eleanor Hill Julie Fullerton
Polly Filla Rhonda Scahill
Milly Elle Nish
Molly Gemma Titheradge
Mary Matilda Storey
Mandy Erin Vinall
Soldier Bill Griffin Marshall
Soldier Ben Jack Jarden
Soldier Joe Pat Darwell
Soldier Jack Judy Fredricksen
Soldier Dick  Diane Hobson 
Soldier Bert Brenda McGreevy
Soldier Ken Kate Fitzpatrick 
Soldier Mick Mary Hilton
Knight in Armour Marko Cimesa
Wolf Ray Oldfield
Lollipop ControllerDenise Hauville 
Town Children Ammara Lambert,  Benjamin Scriven, Billy Richards,  Chloe Harney, Eloise Millman, Flynn Scriven, Jacana Bright, Jasmin Flynn, Kate Millman,  Sammalen Sek-Reid,  
Townsfolk chorus Tony Glazebrook, Joseph Scriven, Marko Cimesa, John Marsden, Sylvia Harker, Betty Stokes, Margaret Garson, Jenny Scriven, Regine Angele, Tricia Jones, Lucy Oldfield, Jenny Keys

Dancers bDifferent Dance Academy

Director David Crewe
Music Director Paul Coppens
Assistant Director Kate Kazony
Production Co-ordinator Helen Crewe
Lighting Ron Hilton
Sound Richard Ridge
Wardrobe Gwen Delacour, Pam Marsden, Toni Walters, Ann Harber
Set design Marianne Osborne, Ron Hilton
Prop Masters Lynn and Rodney Browne
Make-up Helen Crewe and team
Stage Management Mary Hilton, Geoff Cole, Basil Grove