The Wonderful World of Aladdin

Our next production is the Pantomime, which this year is The Wonderful World of Aladdin, a re-working of the 2011 favourite.

The script has been revised, and the Synopsis is here.

The music is now available (click here) - sheet form and sound clips!

The Director, Ron Hilton, is happy to answer queries about characters and the panto in general – phone 5494 3381 or email

The Grand VizierJools Dumbrell
Abanazer, the Wicked WizardBarry Harber
Gympie, Abanazer’s slaveKeith Doonan
The Spirit of the RingMarianne Osborne
Dobbin, the HorseTBA
The Imperial ExecutionerDeborah Yffer
Lo Pong, The Imperial Executioner’s GuardHugh Raymond
Lotus, Empress’s HandmaidenTiannah Heron
Princess Peach BlossomRuby Weaver
The EmpressDenise Hauville
Lily, The Princess’s GuardIsabella Gray
Lolly, The Princess’s GuardDiane Hobson
Tittibum, Princess’s HandmaidenRay Oldfield
Tittipoo, Princess’s HandmaidenRob Hobson
AladdinTony Bianco
Wishee Washee, Aladdin’s young brotherEden Brunner-Couling
Mr Wun TunJohn Marsden
Su PlumHannah Page
Ling PoMorgan Kavanagh
Widow Twankey, Aladdin’s motherAlan Nielsen
The EmperorRobert Walton
Rosie LeeLucy Oldfield
Lubbly Bubbly, Aladdin’s sisterMarie Blanch
Batty, Catty, Tatty, Scatty, & Hattie, the Emperor’s former wivesSylvia Harker, Margaret Garson, Carolyn Willadsen, Jacky Westmoreland, Pat Darwell
The GenieTracy Bianco
Prince Rupert, a SuitorReg Darwell
Prince Never-TiTi, a SuitorPeter Thompson
Market People/CourtiersReg Darwell, Sharne Clifford, Carolyn Willadsen, Marko Cimesa, Pat Darwell, Fi Emberton, Margaret Garson, Sylvia Harker, Jacky Westmoreland, Shelley Love, Fi Emberton, Lucy Oldfield
Orphans of Old PekingMaia Raymond, Abi Hamlyn-Harris, Kat Jonkers, Maxwell Doonan, Jemiah Simpson-Berg, Rory Williams, Scarlett Wihra, Vienna Wihra
Imperial GuardsMarko Cimesa, Reg Darwell, Tony Glazebrook, Howard Westmoreland
Prince Harry, Wedding GuestSam Manger
Cinderella, Wedding GuestAnita Manger