Winter Warmers

Three One-Act Plays

Our next production will be three one-act plays. These will be put on 16/17/18 & 23/2/4/25 August. 
The three plays are as follows:

The Wages of Sin or Perfidious Piecework

A humorous melodrama

 Lord Fortune-Mint: Barry Harber
 Lady PriscillaJools Dumbrell 
 Jasper Tony Bianco
 Mr BrownTony Glazebrook 
 ChairmanRon Hilton
 DirectorGeoff Cole

   Will's Women

 Witch 1 Tanya McCall
 Witch 2 Jenny Scriven
 Witch 3 Deborah Yffer
 Lady MacBeth 
 Shakespeare  Phil Simmons
 DirectorAndrew Wallace

Box and Cox

An old but very funny farce


 Mrs BouncerMarianne Osborne 
 Mr CoxKeith Doonan 
 Mr BoxRobert Walton 
 DirectorAudrey Raymond 

Performances were 16,17,18 and 23,24,25 August