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The Maleny Players AGM was held at 7pm, Monday 14th May, 2012, at the Playhouse.

Summary: the news is pretty good. We have put on A Feast of One-Act Comedies, Aladdin, Unforced Errors and Code of the West this year, and have made a small profit from them. The Youth Theatre has been launched, and is a rip-roaring success. No word from the Jupiters Casino grant committee. Playhouse renovations have made it much more convenient.

New committee:

President:            David Crewe

Vice President:    Ron Hilton

Secretary             Deirdre Gibb

Treasurer             Mary Hilton

Committee          Helen Crewe

                           Barry Harber

                           Denise Hauville

                           Marianne Osborne

                           Audrey Raymond

AGM Minutes - click here.