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Three One Act Plays

“The Volunteer” by Rob Hobson.

Drama. Set in present-day Australia.

David, a 42 year old, has been married to Mary for 10 years. He is a hard worker but with little ambition and happy content with his lot. Mary who is 40 year old was desperate to get away from a deprived background, and married David who seemed to have good prospects. However, she has had regrets since David seems unlikely to achieve enough to provide her with what she believes she deserves. Everything unravels when David comes home with some bad news.

'The Artist' by Andrew Wallace

A young artist gets a serious commission--his first big break. But aesthetic confusion and the ‘assistance’ of an interfering friend frustrate his attempts to complete the painting on time.

'How He Lied to Her Husband' by George Bernard Shaw

A Comedy. Set in a South Kensington apartment late 19th or early 20th Century.

Henry a youth of 18 who is besotted with Aurora, a woman twice his age to whom he has written poems. He is really in love with the idea of Love, which he believes transcends any other consideration. He is idealistic to the point of absurdity.

Aurora About 37. A wealthy, pretentious, pampered woman who seems young and beautiful when dressed in her finery but is really rather ordinary. She enjoys the attentions of the young man but is practical enough to worry that her husband may have seen the love poems, which are missing.

Teddy Her husband. A robust, proud, successful businessman. Age not specified; could be at least five years older than Aurora. Aware that men find her attractive but confident of her fidelity.

Dates: Saturday 3rd at 7.00pm, Sunday 4th at 2.00pm of August and the Friday 9th at 7.00pm, Saturday 10th at 7.00pm and Sunday 11th at 2.00pm of August.

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