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August 2018

Twelve Angry Men



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April 2018

Last Panto in Little Grimley Unsinkable

The Proposal


The Elves and the Shoemaker

Scrooge Makes Up !!

Christmas Choir


August 2017

3 One Act Plays - Rehearsal Sneak Peek

Sharks in the Custard


Between Two Storms

The Players have presented our wardrobe mistress extraordinaire, GWEN DELACOUR (pictured right),

with a lifetime membership for her sterling work over the years.

Goodbye, good work, and break a leg

We farewelled creative wunderkinder David and Helen Crewe at a packed soiree in the Playhouse theatre with tears, song, a sumptuous spread and not a few drinks. Gwen Delacour also starred: her stunning wardrobe skills were recognised with a rare and well-deserved lifetime membership. Now, on with the show!

Renovations Proceeding...

The new roof goes on...

and the old part is replaced...

Maleny Community Expo

The Players were out in force, attracting new members or audiences! Pirates, Indians, Merry Men & Maidens, Robin Hood, Mystery Man in Black, Mystery Woman in Pink, Traffic Control, and of course, Clarence were all there.

Our thanks to all who took part!

Some Photos: Allan MacKenzie Mac Art Visuals


The renovations of the Playhouse are proceeding, amid all the rehearsals for Let the Sunshine.

Foundations for the new deck are laid...

... and for the all important disabled ramp.

Ready for the disabled parking spot

The timber has arrived...

and is slowly put into place

and when it won't fit, put some weight on it!

Put the ruddy bolt in, Ron!!!

Posts for the roof... when it comes!

and it finally starts to make sense!!

A Players outing to ... Woodford!

Compare photos above and left with this one.

Various photos of the Players at "work"...

Players at work!
Players at play!

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