The Trial of Dr Millicent Malville

You are the jury. Did she murder her husband? You will decide!

Author: David Crewe

When: Jan 29,30, Feb 4,5,6,7

Where: Maleny Playhouse

When: April 24

Where: Woodford Golf Club


Court Orderly

Clerk of the Court

Prosecuting Counsel

His Junior

Defence Counsel

Her Junior

Dr Millicent Malville


His Honour Judge Blackall

Det Inspector Pritchard

Dr Monica Down

Dr Algernon Bracket

Antonia Malville

Doris Simpson

Kylie Goodbody

Dr Peter Lovejoy

Phil Simmons

Ron Hilton

Bob Jacobs

Mary Hilton

Marianne Osborne

Les Bennett, Helen Crewe

Jane Stanley

Marko Cimesa

Barry Harber

Jonathan Waites

Joie Sumby

Allen Handsley

Denise Hauville

Jools Dumbrell, Mary Taylor

Claire Watkins

Geoff Cole