New Play at Lind Lane this week!

Post date: 18-Sep-2012 02:22:02

That Woman!

Opening this Friday at

Lind Lane Theatre with a stellar cast!

Not all women in the nineteen twenties knew their place, but Helena Rubinstein certainly did, and it was at the top!

This play is a tribute to a remarkable woman, way ahead of her time – and the woman who pushed her all the way.

Helena Rubinstein, known as Madame, arrived in America and with dedicated determination set out to prove herself in her new adopted country.

She was of Polish/Jewish origin with a strange accent, which was said to be a mixture of ‘gutteral European with an Australian twang’.This could have proved a daunting task to a lesser actress, but Michelle Connelly tackles the role with confidence and panache showing a shrewd appreciation of this demanding role as she manipulates and checkmates whilst showing a wily eccentricity.

The play exposes the ruthlessness behind the glamour of the Beauty Business,and the competition Rubinstein faced from an equally determined rival, Elizabeth Arden. Sharon Grimley plays the brittle, ever-glamorous Arden with a façade of elegance and a will of steel, whose keyword is ‘ladylike’ which hides a tendancy, whennecessary, to get down and dirty.

This is a cast of a high calibre producing some very fine performances, including cameos of a delightful chirpy Estee Lauder (Rachel Fentimen) and a bad tempered, hard-nosed Revlon (Dave Stygel).

Brett Klease shows, once again, his mastery of timing as Madame’s neglected husband and Howard Tampling plays a surprising role. Adam Freeman will not disappoint with his droll performance and a likeable Shaun Bennet shows that, even in this cut-throat business, there is room for some heart.

This stylish new play written and directed by local playwright, Jo Denver.

When: Sept 21, 22, 26, 28, 29 at 8pm

Matinees: Sept 23, 29 @ 2pm

Cost: Adults $ 22. Conc. apply. Group discounts available.


Ph 5441 1814 or online at

Nambour Lind Lane Theatre

16 Mitchell St Nambour